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K & C Power Washing, Pressure Washing, Conway, AR


K&C strives to perform all washing in a manner so as not to disrupt the regular business operations of it’s customers.

K&C washes concrete with a surface cleaner. This type of cleaning eliminates streaking of concrete from a spray gun. Hot water is available for all jobs. Heated water cuts stains much better than cold water.

K&C can apply a sealer to all forms of concrete. Sealing concrete surfaces prevents mold from building up on concrete surfaces as well as protects from stains.

K&C services drive-thru’s for both restaurants and banks as well as sidewalks, trash dumpster pads areas. parking garages and strip malls.

K&C offers both as needed services as well as recurring contract services. K&C works closely with customers to provide services in line with the customer’s needs. K&C offers free estimates so give us a call today.